Redd's Smokehouse BBQ

A few years ago, the Mauldin’s had a thought to bring real down-home Southern cooked BBQ to Pennsylvania. Their meals in South Carolina were just too good not to share with us. So about five years ago, they packed up and moved from their small Southern town to bring Redd’s Smokehouse BBQ to Carlisle. Since they have been here, they find our area to house good people who like good food... and enjoy seeing the change of seasons.

If you like real BBQ, you should give Redd’s Smokehouse BBQ a try. They have great BBQ at a comparitively inexpensive price and smoke all their meats! At Redd’s they understand the smoking process and smoke their meats with real applewood. Their meals are made delicious with family recipes including their own homemade rub, honey mustard BBQ and ketcup based BBQ sauces. They will even cater your special parties! At Redd’s nothing is beyond the realm of possibility!

If you want a taste of real Southern BBQ, stop by Redd’s and he will show you how it is done.

Stop by and check out our new location at 109 N. Hanover Street!



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