The founders of Redd’s Smokehouse BBQ, Nick Mauldin and his parents, Marie and William “Redd” Mauldin moved from South Carolina to Carlisle in 2006 after Marie’s former management job took them around the country. In 2009, the Mauldin’s saw the need to provide good tasting southern style BBQ in Central PA, by serving take-out style at 728 N. Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA. The original location was comprised of a white trailer on wheels, two plastic umbrella topped tables and a shed outfitted with two smokers, each fueled on applewood.

Redd’s quickly developed a base of loyal customers at its roadside stand and they insisted the Mauldin’s open a restaurant with tables and indoor seating. Nick and his parents did just that on May 12, 2010 at 109 N. Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA. Nick has frequently been heard saying “We’re geared around originality. We saw the need because there was an absence of our style of cooking, which is hard to come by”.

All the recipes used in the restaurant are family recipes, including Nick’s great-grandmother’s coleslaw recipe. Redd’s – named after the late William Mauldin, was his nickname when growing up as he had a full head of red hair.


Shortly after Redd’s passing, Nick found himself managing not only the kitchen and restaurant, but also taking care of all other aspects of the business. He quickly found this was not a passion of his. Nick eventually mentioned to his accountant at the time, Brent Burger, that he was searching for a partner to help with the business-related parts of the restaurant so that he could focus on what he loved doing the most: being in the kitchen.

Brent immediately jumped at the chance of becoming Nick’s partner because he knew what the Mauldin’s had built the past 11 years was remarkable and that he could provide Nick with what he needed in order to move Redd’s to the next level. Brent became part owner of Redd’s with Nick Mauldin In January 2019, and together they began the next chapter of Redd’s story.

If you like real BBQ, you should give Redd’s Smokehouse BBQ a try! They have delicious BBQ at a comparatively inexpensive price and are committed to providing quality, homemade meals.

At Redd’s they understand the smoking process and smoke their meats daily.

Their meals are made even more delicious with family recipes including their own homemade rub, honey mustard BBQ and ketchup based BBQ sauces. They have the ability to cater your special parties and accommodate large to-go orders.

If you want a taste of real Southern BBQ,
stop by Redd’s and they will show you how it is done.



Hands down the best BBQ

Redd’s is hands down the best BBQ joint in the area.

Great food and great service, even though we wandered in 20 minutes before closing.

Not only will we be back, we’ll make sure our friends know about Redd’s.

Drew & Cheri
Holly Springs, PA

I love this BBQ

I love this BBQ!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you guys set down some roots and opened up a store.

Shippensburg, PA

Southern food to die for

Real, homemade, Southern food to die for!!

Excellent flavor with excellent prices!

I crave their food, yum!

Carlisle, PA

My girl and I love your food

WOW! I am a New Yorker but, was stationed down south and have had real southern bar-b-que!

I have to be honest, my girl and I love your food.
We have been stopping by since you had your little smokehouse trailer and we are happy to see you have opened an actual restaurant set up in Carlisle!

It is great and your staff is friendly and courteous.
We are heading over tonight.

New York, NY

Very good and affordable

This has become one of our favorite lunch spots at the office..

Very good and affordable!

Duncannon, PA

Couldn’t get enough

Just couldn’t get enough.

Food, people, prices are all amazing.

Redd’s, it’s the place to go if your hankering for some great smokehouse barbeque.

Dillsburg, PA

Excellent BBQ

Great to have the taste of home right here in Carlisle Pa.
And only a few blocks from where I live!

Excellent BBQ in the true tradition of the south.

Carlisle, PA

Absolutely delicious food

Found by accident – absolutely delicious food, friendly service and fair price.

The collard greens are fresh and to die for!

So glad to have this in Carlisle and not another pizza or sub joint.

Hope they cater!

Gets 10 stars from our family!

Carlisle, PA

The absolute best

The absolute best!

Need a dinner? Got a party? Go straight to Redd’s.

Carlisle, PA

Simply awesome!

Simply awesome!

Food is fantastic and at an even better price!

You guys are awesome!

Best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had!!

Kerri & Jose
Boiling Springs, PA

Friendly and helpful

Pulled pork is great!

My folks enjoy the food too, they are in their 90’s.

The guys are friendly and helpful.

Wish you much success.

Elizabethtown, PA

Always hot and pork is not fatty

I live very close to Redd’s and have eaten there many times.

I enjoy the pulled pork BBQ sandwich and BBQ baked beans.
The food is always hot and the pork is not fatty like other places I have ordered from.

They always have the food ready to pick up within 5-10 minutes from when I call!

Carlisle, PA

Best pulled pork I have ever had

The best pulled pork I have ever had by far.

I will be back to try the ribs soon!

Carlisle, PA

This IS what bbq should taste like

This IS what bbq should taste like!

The amount you get for the price is insane!

If you have not stopped by yet, do yourself a favor!

Chris & Beckie Moyer
Carlisle, PA

Ya’ll are the bomb!

I’m glad you are open again, I’m hungry!

Ya’ll are the bomb!

Carlisle, PA

Best ribs I’ve ever had

Best ribs I’ve ever had!!

Great prices and they really make you feel like family!

Love this place!

Carlisle, PA


Don’t know if I can wait another two weeks until you get caught up on your sleep.


Carlisle, PA

Best ribs ever ate!

Best ribs ever ate! Check them out, you won’t be sorry.

Can you put one in Steelton? Thanks!

Steelton, PA

only REAL southern BBQ around

The best and only REAL southern BBQ around and the prices are unbeatable!

Jay Gross
Carlisle, PA

Great food at wonderful prices

Great food at wonderful prices!
Would recommend this to all.

Very kind and friendly!
We will be back!

Newville, PA

Ribs were delicious

The ribs were delicious.
I am going to have to go and get a full rack in the upcoming week.

Wish we had more GOOD southern food up here.

Carlisle, PA

Excellent food

Found it by accident. Excellent food.
I hope they can make it cause the prices are far to low.

I made two meals out of the sampler that as 10 bucks! Cool!

York, PA

Something good to eat in PA

It’s about time there was something good to eat in PA!

Keep up the good work guys.

Gettysburg, PA

Great food, great prices.

A fantastic experience!!!
Great food, great prices, great customer service.

The only down side is that I now have to drive to Carlisle at least once a week!

Phil & Sandy
Camp Hill, PA

Wonderful homemade Southern food

Great food and great prices.

You will love the food and the great customer service.
Wonderful homemade Southern food.

Thank you for your hard work to bring your delicious food to Carlisle.

Jamie & Bryan
Carlisle, PA

Food was amazing!

The food was amazing!

Definitely would visit them again!!

Hanover, PA

Quality and quantity that you get is amazing

At Redd’s the quality and quantity that you get is amazing.

They treat everyone like family and have great customer service!

Carlisle, PA